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The Ahimsa Tradition of Witchcraft blends Tantric Hinduism with The Craft, incorporating the Hindu pantheon and aspects of puja and meditation with more traditional Craft practice. 

There are two levels within The Ahimsa Tradition classes, and we also offer an immersion class for those truly interested in Tantric Hinduism.  Levels One and Two touch on the foundational basics of Paganism and The Craft, and only offer small insights into Tantric Hindu practice.  The next class requires an interview prior to acceptance, and is a full immersion into the Hindu aspects of The Ahimsa Tradition.  This class is a year and a day in length, and is open to women only.  Upon completion, students may be invited to be initiated into The Ahimsa Tradition of Witchcraft, a female-only Tradition.  Acceptance into The Immersion class does not guarantee an invitation into The Tradition's Kula (family, tribe.) *WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING ANY NEW MEMBERS INTO THE TRADITION*

Level One revolves around the neuroscience behind witchcraft, the research of the many traditions of Paganism, and the ethics behind personal responsibility.   Level Two  introduces the student to the tools and the art of witchcraft.  Level two will also briefly touch on the differences between other paths and The Ahimsa Tradition Of Witchcraft, allowing the student to decide if they wish to petition to be interviewed for the immersion class.  The Immersion class is a full year and a day, and is a full immersion into Tantric Hindu spirituality combined with traditional Craft work.  This advanced class is by petition only, and open to women only.  The student must have successfully completed Levels One and Two to apply for acceptance.  *WE ARE NO LONGER OFFERING THE LEVEL III COURSE*

We are fortunate here at The Magickal Attic to have a direct Indian source on knowledge and Hindu traditions, and our source will be traveling to India at least once a year for continued inspiration.  Please check our Events page for class dates and times.


Before all other, The Ahimsa Tradition of Witchcraft commits to non-violence. We extend this philosophy to include no harm to self, others, or the infringement upon another's free-will.  We are ultimately responsible for our own actions.

The Ahimsa Tradition is based on the Hindu practice of henotheism. We recognize Brahman, The Absolute, with It’s multiple aspects of deity.

Brahman is the intermingling of male “Shiva” energy and female “Shakti” energy at play in our world.

We feel comfort in blending the Hindu spirituality of Brahman with the practice of The Craft.

We choose to call ourselves Witches.

Since The Ahimsa Tradition of Witchcraft  embraces non-violence, we encourage others to explore vegetarianism as a part of spiritual practice; however, this is not mandated by the tradition.